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Resources for the classroom

Through a partnership between DPI and AHEC, 50 new classroom resources are available for teachers to use. All resources are standards-aligned, free, vetted, and available in the WISELearn Portal.

For a full listing of the resources and direct links, go to this link:

  • 2022 Health Science WISELEARN Resource List (spreadsheet) - Do you have a topic which you struggle to find information or activities to engage your students with?  This list provides educators with a wealth of activities and information that support most of the Health Science standards.  Each provides an active link, description, goal of the resource, and a video explaining the resource.

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HOSA – Future Health Professionals is pleased to provide “on-demand” mini-lessons for teachers with a desire to connect HOSA Competitive Events with the classroom curriculum.  From classroom activities, links to websites, alumni sharing how HOSA and Competitive Events prepared them for their future careers, lesson plans, video lessons, what HOSA event is right for the member, and engagement strategies; the “on-demand” page meets the needs of both HOSA Advisors and members. 

The website is updated often and aligns with the Competitive Events annual topics.   

UPDATED National Curriculum Standards

Align your Health Science Curriculum to the standards.  Here are links to WI State and UPDATED National Health Science Standards.



National Consortium for Health Science Education (NCHSE)


The National Consortium for Health Science Education (NCHSE) is a national partnership of health science state leaders, organizations, publishers, and resource providers interested in bridging that gap through quality education. We work to stimulate creative and innovative leadership for ensuring a well-prepared health workforce.

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NCHSE - Wednesday Webinars

NCHSE hosts Wednesday Webinars for our members and guests to learn from health industry leaders, NCHSE partners, and educators. These webinars will be held once or twice a month. Registration for these events is required. Recordings will be posted on this page for those who are unable to attend live sessions.


2023 Topics include:

 - Interactive Learning with Virtual Patients: Aligning with the Latest National

    Health Science Standards. 

 - Reveal Party Version 7.0: NCHSE Health Science Curriculum Enhancements

 - Teaching Gen Z and Microlearning on TikTok

 - All Certifications are the Same Right?  How to Evaluate a Credential.

 - Biotechnology:  A New HOSA Competitive Event and BACE, the Nationally Recognized Biotechnology Certificate

 - And More!



The DPI guidance for 'Health Science Programming in Wisconsin' has been updated. Reference the DPI HSE website to find information on:

  • The need for Health Science Programming

  • Health Science Career Pathways and quality components

  • Health Science courses and course coding

  • Educator licensing requirements

  • Examples of course and licensing configurations

  • Settings for course offerings

  • Carl Perkins Grant funding


 Join Google Currents (formally Google+ Community), a professional site for educators of Health Science and Biomedical Science courses. As a community member, you are encouraged to contribute your ideas, resources and uphold the standards of respect and quality. DPI is not responsible for the content provided. Use this invitation to join the community! To join, users must have a G Suite account.

Follow the 
NCHSE Facebook page and request access to join the national HSEA private Facebook group to stay up-to-date on events, network with other health science teachers from across the nation, and share resources (you do not need to be a member of HSEA to join). 




The University of Wisconsin Stevens Point is offering a new educator preparation program for health science education. Both undergraduate and graduate certificate options are being offered. For more information check out the certificate

CLICK HERE and access details on the UWSP website. 

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