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Annual Membership Application
Membership Status
Email Preference
By submitting this application you are now a professional member of the Wisconsin HSEA and National HSEA, and promise to pay the membership fee. Pay online with a credit card or request an invoice under the "Payment" tab.

Membership fee remains $150.

2022 Membership Flyer_edited.jpg

Your WI HSEA professional membership fee includes the following benefits:

  1. Wisconsin Health Science Educators Association (WI HSEA) membership

  2. National Health Science Educators Association (HSEA) membership and communications from NCHSE

  3. Free registration to the WI HSEA Fall Conference (November 11, 2022). 

  4.  Complimentary access to HSEA/NCHSE teacher lesson plans and classroom activities shared through a private Google Drive folder upon confirmation of membership

  5. Other Professional Development Opportunities sponsored by WI HSEA and HSEA/NCHSE - conferences and webinars

  6. Easy access to WI HSEA general resources and annual conference member-only resources

  7. Discounted NCHSE Products - Highly encouraged purchasing the Health Science Curriculum Enhancements 6.0 Edition - only $350 for Wisconsin teachers!

  8. Membership certificate for portfolio

Payment - Carl Perkins Grant funding can be used to pay for educator membership fees for professional organizations. Please check with your district on payment options and approvals.

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