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Welcome to Wisconsin Health Sciences Educators Association (WI HSEA). In partnership with Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, National Consortium for Health Science Education, HSEA, and other community partners, we provide leadership for:

  • Advancing CTE - Health Science Education (including biomedical sciences) programming 

  • Identifying program challenges, needs and gaps, and supporting solutions to address issues​

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WI HSEA Membership

Membership Benefits: 

A professional network of teachers, access to free classroom curriculum activities aligned to the standards, discounted curriculum resources, national HSEA membership, annual conference, and more!

Conference Attendance Benefits: 

Professional development from industry experts on many career areas, information on the latest trends and emerging issues, industry input on youth career readiness skills, training on technical skills aligned to HOSA Competitive Events, free lesson activities aligned to standards and goodies for your classroom.

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Discover the excitement at the upcoming National Health Science Conference in Phoenix-Glendale from October 15-18, the only national conference 100% dedicated to health science education.

Explore groundbreaking insights, engage with dedicated professionals, and immerse yourself in interactive workshops tailored to enhance your teaching prowess. Join us for a unique opportunity to forge enduring connections and stay at the forefront of health science education innovation.

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Establishing a HOSA Chapter

If you are a health science or biomedical science teacher and would like to start a HOSA chapter at your school, contact your HOSA State Advisor, Christina Patrin at, regarding affiliating your school and students with the state association and national organization.

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Meetings will be held on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 PM

The meeting link will be sent to the committee members' email.

Our Mission


To advance the growth and success of students in Wisconsin Health Sciences classes/programs by supporting classroom teachers with impactful resources and creating an avenue to communicate with teachers from across the state, sharing best practices.

Our Vision


To build, grow, and enhance successful Health Science programs in Wisconsin.

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